Flood Management, Spillway Design and Public Safety
Crete, 30/09-01/10/2019

A two-days Seminar on FLOOD MANAGEMENT, SPILLWAY DESIGN AND PUBLIC SAFETY will be held just before the 11th ICOLD European Club Symposium, from 30/09 to 01/10.


European Club Symposium2019

The next Symposium of the ICOLD European Club will be held in Greece, in October 2019.

GRCOLD Presentation




One-day event organized by the
Swiss Committee on Dams

Landslide-generated impulse waves in reservoirs

Ittigen (Berne), November 25, 2019


4th International Seminar on Dam Protection against Overtopping

Madrid, Spain
11-13 November 2020



The European ICOLD Club launches this MANIFESTO with the aim of promoting an honest and transparent public debate which will hopefully facilitate actions to raise awareness of European policy to support the role of reservoirs and dams for water supply, irrigation and energy generation, providing an effective contribution to climate change adaptation, preserving the environment, and increasing societal resilience.